Description du projet

Machines of simple design, but manifactured with high quality materials and details. Strong structure made of stainless steel AISI 304. Completely cleanable by water sprinkle. Stainless steel 18/8 cylinder standing to newest sanitary-hygienic norms, with no edge inside of it and no weld rests, to semplify the cleaning. Completely realized standing to the most up to date accidental prevention norms, with protection on cylinder and low tension treadle drive. Piston provided with air exaust valve. Forward feeding adjustable by a knob. Backward feeding always at highest speed. Complete with 3 polyethylene funnels of 3 different sizes.

Technical features:
Motor power: HP 1
Power source: 220/380V 50Hz
Cylinder capacity: lt 16
Cylinder length: mm 500
Cylinder diameter: mm 200
Piston stroke: mm 520
Min. forward speed: 3’30”
Max forward speed: 30”
Backward speed: 16”
Dimensions: 1300x280x335
Net weight: Kg 71
Gross weight: Kg 78
Serie exaust funnels inside Ø: mm 10x18x25