Made for the modern requirements of hotels, restaurants, pensions and communities. This machine corresponds to the international accident prevention rules. The grating roll is in stainless steel in order to grate easily and without impurities. Provided with noiseless reduction gear, steel spiral gear, oil bath. Casing, hopper and basin for cheese and meat by 18/8 stainless steel. The mincing unit is entirely made by 18/8 stainless steel or by cast iron. Hopper and mincing unit can be easily disconnected from the whole body for thorough cleaning.

Technical features:
Motor power: HP 1,5
Weight: Kg 33
Output per hour: Kg 280
Dimensions: cm 62x31x45h

Mincing unit: stainless steel or cast iron


PARTIAL UNGER (with 2 plates and knife 1)

TOTAL UNGER (with 3 plates and 2 knives)