There is a future only for those who want to improve the world.

In Everest, we highly trust in this phrase, and that’s why our research center, in collaboration with Garmon, tuned a protocol to sanitize products at the end of the making process, named SMAE (Sanitization Machine Food Everest)

With SMAE we break down the bacterial flora and typical debris coming from the product process that usually aren’t attacked by the detergents used in kitchen.
We are sure to supply you facilities that not only are ready to be used, but also able to treat food with an optimal hygiene level.

By selling kitchen facilities sanitized with SMAE you’ll show to your clients that you want to improve the world.

As soon as we indentified a possible improving area, our research center started to work on it and, trough a technical partnership with Garmon, studied the bacterial load and tested many types of detergents until we found the correct composition that allows us to sanitize all our products.

The sanification with SMAE is certainly a strategic innovation for Everest.

The bacterial flora’s breaking down on our products will allow you to have an equipment in optimal conditions and to treat food from the first ignition and then to bring on the tables the healthier food.

Usually the contamination that occurs during the production stage presents different types of contamination that, are not typical of the kitchens, are insensitive to everyday detergents.

We already took the first step towards a corporate social responsibility. And you, do you want to join the team with us?

Selling sanitized kitchen equipment could be your first step towards making a real contribution to the world and guarantee a future in the market place.

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